High blood pressure always starts with blood pressure values ​​at the upper limit of the normal or slightly above normal range. It will turn into high blood pressure unless you change the level of blood pressure desired by your limbic system. A high blood pressure increases your risk of, heart disease, stroke, RI and heart failure. Treatment by pharmaceutical prodcts which reduces BP, do not prevent the progression of hypertension because we are forced to gradually increase these treatments. The tension desired by the limbic system being high a vicious circle sets in between the wishes of this system and the consequences of hypertension on the one hand and the treatment effects on the other. For more info see the new treatment of high blood pressure on: www.brussels-scientific.com
2.5 million Belgians are affected by high blood pressure and one in four hypertensive people is diagnosed and treated. The difficulty in identifying this chronic disease stems from the very nature of high blood pressure: no symptoms, no pain, it is a "silent killer". And half of the patients refuse the treatment because they feel good and wonder why they will have to take often toxic products (with a lot of side effects). And with our technique we can definitely stop pharmaceutical products.